The Easiest Way
to Grind Spices

Get the goodness of freshly ground spices, regardless of whole spice shape, size, and hardness with FinaMill, at the push of a button.

Fall in love with freshly ground
spices again

Zero or low calorie, flavour-boosting, spices are your gateway to delicious cooking, but the vivid flavours and health benefits begin to degrade the minute those spices are ground.

Now grind spices of any sizes as you go​ with FinaMill.

  • No more 2-hand cranking
  • Swappable grinding pods keep flavours distinct​
  • One mill, many spices

Craft delicious delights and unforgettable moments this Summer!

Embrace the summer season by creating unforgettable moments filled with delicious flavours. Whether you're grilling up a sizzling BBQ or whipping up a cool and refreshing dessert, FinaMill is your trusted companion for adding the perfect seasoning. Our essential set includes 1 FinaMill and 2 FinaPod PRO Plus, expertly crafted to elevate the taste of your favourite summer spices. Gather your loved ones, soak up the sun, and let the joy of summer shine through the unforgettable flavours you create together.

3 steps, that’s it.​

The Magic is in the pod

Interchangeable and refillable spice pods for a world of flavour and double as storage.​
Each pod has adjustable grind settings for maximum control.

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Oh, that joy of fresh ground!

From 10-minute healthy lunch meals to authentic flavours from around the world, explore our recipes using freshly ground spices.


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Our Story

We were already selling millions of spice grinders a year, but something was compelling us towards innovation —that persistent voice in the back of our heads borne from our love of freshly ground spices.

So, fueled with excitement and ambition, we set out to give our cherished customers the spice grinder they deserve.

to create awesome products that infinitely enhance every cooking experience, and celebrate and connect people through flavour. Alex Liu, Founder of FinaMill
FinaMill FinaMill – Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder in One. 1 Mill 2 PRO Plus Pods Included
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The best way to grind whole spices of all shapes and sizes! Mill whole spices, from petite poppy seeds to plus-size peppercorns Operates with just one hand at the push of a button Swappable grinding pods keep flavors distinct Wide-mouth opening for easy spice refills Built to last with durable ceramic grinding mechanism Sleek, minimalist design looks great on your kitchen counter and dining room table Free of calories and packed with nutritional benefits, spices are your gateway to delicious cooking. The volatile oils that give spices their vivid flavors and health benefits begin to degrade the minute spices are ground....
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